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How to choose a hotel in Sperlong for a rest on the sea?

Sperlonga (Sperlonga) is my favorite of all the cities on the beach near Rome. The beach season usually lasts from Sperlonga from June to the end of September, but in October, April and May you can relax comfortably here - enjoy the sunsets, walk along the old part of the city, walk along the beach.

I share with you the experience of choosing a good hotel in Sperlonga for an ideal, comfortable stay.

The main street of the city is named after Christopher Columbus (via Cristoforo Colombo), runs almost parallel to the coastline. All restaurants are located near Piazza Fontana, there is a bus stop right there. Further to the southwest begins part of the medieval city, all the streets of which, cheerfully striding along the steps, can be circumvented in about half an hour.

On the map below, I highlighted in green a zone convenient for living, and using this special link I filtered hotels for you only with good traveler reviews.

Let's look at specific options:

Hotel amyclae

The 3-star Amyclae Hotel is ideally located right on the seafront. The rooms are in perfect cleanliness, air conditioning works well.

Breakfast is served on the terrace overlooking the beach, private parking for guests. The cost of a double room is about 110 euros / day, it is possible to stay with a child, surcharge of 20 euros per night. I would consider this option one of the first.

Virgilio grand hotel

At the 4 star Virgilio Grand Hotel, we stayed in April 2014 when we celebrated my mom’s birthday. It was then that I fell in love with this small cozy town, and my mother was delighted with the empty beach and the old part of the city.

The hotel is literally 3 minutes walk from the beach, there is a private pool. At that time we traveled by public transport from Rome - quite conveniently, and then returned here with friends already by car. The hotel has a restaurant, gym, spa, you can order a massage. The staff is very friendly, there are Russian-speaking staff. Private parking at the hotel costs 15 euros per day and must be booked in advance in season. I recommend to consider this option.

Hotel corallo

Hotel Corallo has only three stars, but it is a very cozy place to stay. Polite and helpful staff, cleanliness, good cleaning, has its own small library and fabulous landscaping of the terrace.

The hotel offers stunning views of the city, beaches, I recommend admiring the sunsets and sunrises here. The hotel has an arrangement with a private beach, which has good facilities and is very clean.

Villas and apartments

If for some reason the hotel accommodation option is not suitable for you, then you can consider the option of renting apartments and villas using the Airbnb service. I liked this villa for 4 for 140 euros per day with panoramic sea views.

There are more budget options, costing from 60 euros per day. It is advisable to book a stay at least 3 months in advance, then there will be more choice. For example, in early June, I found just a few free dates for September. All summer months are already fully booked.

For your convenience, I put all the described accommodation options and attractions on the map:

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How to get there

Distance to Sperlonga from Rome is 150 kilometers. You can get there in 2 hours by car or use public transport - by train and bus.

By train and bus

Since there is no train station in Sperlonga, first you need to take the regional train to the Rome central station Termini (Roma Termini) to the station Fondi-Sperlonga (Fondi-Sperlonga). Tickets cost 7 euros, travel time 1 hour 16 minutes.

Buses of the company leave from Fondi station to Sperlonga once an hour - I advise you to check the schedule on their official website.

Travel time 10 minutes. The bus arrives in Sperlonga at Fontana Square, a ticket is bought directly from the driver, the price is 1.5 euros and prepare cash.

By car

It makes sense to come to Sperlonga by car if you plan to travel and visit neighboring attractions, for example, ride a day at the Royal Palace in Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) or Pompei (Pompei). You can also visit Naples, but I would not recommend going there by car without a guide, parking there is far from everywhere safe, you risk being left without wheels.

  • Read about auto rental features in Italy at

Transfer from Rome

You can book a transfer to Sperlonga in advance from a reliable Italian Sergio from Fiumicino Airport or from your hotel in Rome. Up to 4 people will comfortably deliver your company directly to the hotel for 220 euros, a trip for a group of up to 8 people in a minivan will cost 290 euros.

I am sure that now the question of where to stay in Sperlong is resolved for you. If you need advice on relaxation, welcome to comment.

Watch the video: Amazing Hotels in Naples Italy (March 2020).


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