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Cervinia - ski resort in Italy

Cervinia (Breuil-Cervinia; it. Cervinia, fr. Breuil) is a ski resort in northwestern Italy, located in the picturesque Aosta Valley (Aosta) between the majestic peaks of the Alpine mountains, covered with eternal ice: Mont Blanc (Montblanc), Monte Rosa (Monte Rosa) and the southern slope of Matterhorn (Monte Cervino). This region of Italy borders the French and Swiss Alps (Alpi). At a distance of 10 km behind the Teodul mountain pass (Colle del Teodulo) is the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt (German: Zermatt).

The longest route (22.5 km) connects two countries: it starts in Switzerland (Svizzera), in Klein Matterhorn (German: Klein Matterhorn), and ends in the Italian Valtournenche valley. The ski resort is named the same as the village, spread out in the mountains at an altitude of 2050 m.


The resort's popularity among winter sports enthusiasts and professional athletes is due to several reasons:

  • The highest altitude in Europe on the Rosa Plateau (Rosa) near the Testa Grigia cableway station - 3480 m;
  • Natural snow slopes are wide and long, a combination of steep and gentle slopes;
  • The territory is divided into sectors for those who learn to ski, for skiers with experience in skiing and for professionals;
  • In Cervinia it is forbidden to use road transport, so the air is very clean and The area is considered one of the most environmentally friendly in Europe.

Here you can start the descent over the mass of clouds, drive through them and go down into the verdant valley among the fabulous nature.

When to come

The resort of Bray Cervinia has a mild mountain climate: mild winters (at night from -3 to -11 ° C; in the morning from -4 to -9 ° C, during the day from -1 to -8 ° C), low rainfall, high humidity, wind only on the tops of the mountains.

Cervinia is located in a valley surrounded by mountain slopes, so most of the year it is sunny, warm and calm. Cervinia has the longest skiing season among all the resorts in Italy.

Skiing in Cervinia is possible all year round due to the height of the snow slopes, on which snow lies in the summer. The largest number of guests is in the so-called main season: December 19 - 25, January 11 - February 5, February 22 - April 10.

High season

High season: December 26 - January 10, February 6 - 21.At this time, all tracks work. In case of lack of natural snow, snow cannons with artificial snow are used.

Low season

Low (promo season): October 31 - December 18, April 11 - May 1. In the low season, due to an increase in air temperature above 0 ° C, snowmelt, insufficient quantity and instability of the natural snow cover can be observed in some places, therefore, individual tracks may be closed depending on weather conditions. but most tracks for amateurs and professionals work according to the usual schedule.

Skiing in the summer months

From June to September, skiing is available only on the Rosa plateau, on tracks at maximum height. Therefore, among the guests of the resort at this time only professionals, but lovers and beginners need to wait for October.

In the summer months only 5.5 kilometers of slopes are open. In addition, there are tracks for cross-country skiing and for snowboarders - half-pipe, snowboard park, freeride tracks, etc. In summer, the air temperature even at the peaks is above 0 ° С. A unique sight is the combination of snow on the hillsides and green meadows in the valley at the foot of the mountains.

Circuit diagram

Fluffy snow, spectacular views, clean air await the guests of Cervinia. There are a large number of different types of tracks:

  1. Trails for beginners ("blue routes" - 12 convenient routes with gentle slopes);
  2. For lovers ("red slopes" - 21 routes in the central part of the resort for skiing at medium and low speeds over a wide area with drops and with descent into the town);
  3. For professionals (2 "black tracks" with a steep descent into Italy and Switzerland).

Popular blue tracks are Rocce Nere in the Plan Maison area and others.

Popular red tracks:

  • Plan Torrette, Fornet 2 in the Plan Maison area;
  • Ventina Ghiacciaio - the main track with stunning drops, a significant width of the slope and excellent snow cover in the Laghi Cime Bianche area;
  • Gran Pista - 15 km long slope on the slope to the Valtournenche valley;
  • Bontadini - downhill skiing track;
  • Bardoney is a track for experienced skiers in the Laghi CimeBianche area, combining sections of a dizzying “black” track and high-speed “red”.

The black track on the Italian slope is Ghiacciaio Theodulo, 8 kilometers long in the Plan Maison area.

Depending on weather conditions, ski areas are covered with natural or artificial snow. Perhaps riding in virgin territories, off-piste (freeride).

The resort is divided into four sectors:

  1. Plan Maison Zone, located at an altitude of 2555 meters, it is mainly represented by "blue" slopes, includes several "red" for more experienced skiers (Fornet 2 and Plan Torrette). A section of the Ghiacciaio Theodulo black track runs through this zone.
  2. Laghi CimeBianche Zone at an altitude of 2982 meters - this is the central ski area with long slopes several kilometers long.
  3. Plateau Rosa ZoneStarting from TestaGrigia at an altitude of 3480 meters, it is designed for downhill and long descent of professional athletes and experienced skiers, as well as snowboarders. In the Plateau Rosa zone there are two “red” tracks, track number 6, which leads to Switzerland and is divided into “red” number 6B and “black” number 44 with height differences and sharp turns. The Plateau Rosa zone is also ideal for lovers of freeriding - descent through virgin snow fields.
  4. Zone "Slope to the Valtournenche Valley" It offers a 15-kilometer descent from the Colle Superiore Cima Bianhce pass (2982 m) along the “red” tracks for experienced athletes, as well as several “blue” routes.

The number of routes in different sectors of the resort allows each day to explore new territories at different heights.


The ski resort is equipped with a modern system of several types of high security lifts:

  • 16 lifts with chairs for 2, 3, 4, 6 seats, offering a rigid or detachable clip;
  • 33 moving ski tows for skiing without a fixed clip;
  • belt lifts;
  • 12 funiculars;
  • 14 cable cars with telescopes;
  • The highest pendulum lift in Europe on the Swiss side of mountain slopes.

Extreme sports

In addition to skiing, other sports are also popular here:

  • Snowboarding at Indian Park with a kilometer-long descent 100 meters wide;
  • Skiing;
  • Ski-climbing (climbing mountains with or without skiing and off-piste skiing);
  • Heli-ski (climb to the beginning of the descent by helicopter and skiing off-piste);
  • Snow-kiting (skiing or a board on a snowy plain with the help of a controlled kite);
  • Air boarding (skiing with jumps and stunts);
  • Karting on the ice tracks of the Ice Kart;
  • Paragliding;
  • Descent and racing on snowmobiles.


Web cameras are installed on the slopes of the mountains of Cervinia, and at any time you can get acquainted with the complexity of the slopes, evaluate their workload, find out the weather. All working online webcams are available here.

The cost of ski passes in 2017

For a comfortable ride it is recommended to purchase a SKI-PASS membership card, which includes skiing in Italian and, if desired, on the Swiss side. The cost of SKI-PASS depends on the category of skiers (beginner, amateur or pro), the number of days spent at the resort and the number of selected routes.

SKI-PASS in the territory of Italian Cervinia per day in the 2017 season has the following cost: adults 41-46 euros (depending on the season), children from 4 to 15 years old - 29-32.5 euros, elderly people from 65 years old - 37- 41 euros.

Skiing in Cervinia and Zermatt: adults 51 €, children from 4 to 15 years old - 31 €, elderly people from 65 years old - 38 €.

You can also purchase a ticket for 6 or 13 days and SKI-PASS for skiing in Cervinia and neighboring resorts (for 3, 6, 13 days). Children under 4 years old and older people over 80 receive a free ticket. Detailed information and current prices on the official website of the resort in Russian

How to get there

Cervinia resort is located near the airports of Milan (Milan) and Turin (Torino), where regular flights from most airports in the world.

The distance to the resort of Cervinia is as follows: from Caselle in Turin - 118 km; from Milan Malpensa Airport (Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa) - 160 km; from Linate Airport - 180 km.

From Milan you can reach the resort in several ways:

  • By bus - for 3.5 hours for 11-18 euros;
  • By train to Chatillon - from 14.40 to 46.75 euros, and from there by bus;
  • By car or hitchhiking.

From Turin you can get a little faster:

  • By bus for 2.5 hours to Chatillon for 5-10 euros, and from there for 3 euros (guests under 12 and over 65 years old - free of charge);
  • By car, take the A5 (Torino - Aosta) motorway to Chatillon and then to Cervinia.

Information on bus routes in Italy is available on the website, and on railway crossings on the official website of the training.


Travel companies offer tours to the ski resort of Cervinia. Tours from Moscow for 2016-2017 include flights, transfers and accommodation. You can pick up a tour to Cervinia worth from 73531 p. (2 adults in a standard room without meals for 8 days / 7 nights).

The price of the tour depends on the composition of vacationers, the degree of comfort of accommodation, meals, length of stay, duration of booking, additional services.

Hotels - where to stay

Cervinia offers a variety of accommodation options: 5 star luxury hotels (superior rooms; price for 1 person per day at different times of the year and in different types of accommodation from 280 to 830 €); 2 star hotels (price without meals - 37-45 €); "Mountain Shelter" among the romantic wildlife - a hotel with 90 beds (price with breakfast and dinner - 50 €); Economy accommodation with breakfast (50-65 € per day).

Below are the best hotels by reviews of tourists and our friends:

5 stars

Hotel Hermitage Relais & Châteaux

Hotel Hermitage Relais & Châteaux is a half-board hotel at the foot of the Matterhorn peak, offering free shuttle bus service.

The balconies in the hotel rooms offer luxurious panoramic views. The hotel offers spa services, guests can relax in the indoor pool, and the restaurant serves gourmet national cuisine.

4 stars

Hotel principe delle nevi

Located at the bottom of the ski resort, Hotel Principe delle Nevi offers rooms with balconies, an indoor pool, a spa, and an Italian restaurant.

White angel hotel

White Angel Hotel is a ski-slope hotel overlooking the Alps and a sun terrace. The hotel provides services of a fitness room, a health and wellness center. The rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi and necessary appliances.

3 stars

Hotel Baita Cretaz

Hotel Baita Cretaz - Hotel at the foot of the Matterhorn, 100 meters from the ski lifts, with half board, with access to the slope for skiing. It offers rustic-style rooms, a buffet restaurant with homemade national cuisine, wonderful views from the windows and from the terrace.

Hotel lyskamm

Hotel Lyskamm is a rustic-style hotel with access to the ski slope. The rooms have balconies with panoramic views of the mountain slopes and peaks. The hotel offers a fitness room, spa, sauna, pool, restaurant with breakfast buffet, traditional and national cuisine.


The Cervinia ski resort in Italy provides comfortable conditions for all categories of vacationers with various interests:

  • Shops, boutiques, shops with souvenirs, supermarkets;
  • Pizzerias, bars and restaurants;
  • Night clubs, bowling;
  • Golf courses, swimming pool, ice skating rinks, etc.

For beginning skiers, sports schools with experienced trainers work year-round. Sports equipment for adults and children can be rented. Detailed information is available on the official website of the resort of Cervinia:

Watch the video: Cervinia ski resort guide (April 2020).


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